2005 Saturn Vue P2138 APP Sensor


Saturn Vue On the 2005 Saturn Vue, the P2138  is pointing to a problem with the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensors. The code states there is a correlation error between the two sensors. These sensors are built into and part of the accelerator pedal assembly. Carefully inspect the electrical connector and wire harness for any loose, broken or damaged wires. Inspect for any signs of water intrusion. If the inspection checks ok, and there are no other codes set, it sounds like the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensors will need to be replaced.…

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2004 Saturn Vue 3.5L P0325 Knock Sensor

2004 Saturn Vue

Saturn Vue On the 2004 Saturn Vue with the 3.5L engine, the P0325 is pointing to a problem with the Knock Sensor for Bank 1. The Knock Sensor plays a role in the optimal timing of the engine. If the spark plug ignites the compressed air/fuel mixture too late, not all of the air/fuel mixture has time to burn while the fuel is highly compressed. Late ignition causes a decrease in fuel efficiency, decreased power, and increased exhaust emissions. If the spark plug fires too soon, too much of the air/fuel mixture…

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2007 Saturn Vue Wiper Transmission

2007 Saturn Vue

Saturn Vue On the 2007 Saturn Vue, when only one side of the wipers are working, there can be a couple of different problems. First- check the wiper arm mounting nut at the base of the wiper arm. Make sure it is tight and that there are no signs of stripping. If stripped, you’ll see little metal flakes and/or rounding of the “teeth” on the mounting stud. If the nut is tight and there are no signs of stripping, then the problem will lie in the wiper transmission. There are…

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2008 Saturn Vue Towing Info

2008 Saturn Vue

Saturn Vue On the 2008 Saturn Vue, this vehicle can be dingy-towed (all 4 wheels on the ground) as long as the speed does not exceed 65mph (105km/h). There is also a procedure below that will need to be followed:   Dinghy Towing Procedure 1. Position the vehicle to tow and then secure it. 2. Shift the transmission to Park (P) and turn the ignition to OFF. 3. Set the parking brake. 4. Turn the ignition to ACCESSORY. 5. Shift your transmission to NEUTRAL (N). 6. To prevent your battery…

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