2009 Chevy Cobalt TPMS Relearn Procedure

2009 Chevy Cobalt

Chevy Cobalt On the 2000 Chevy Cobalt, after replacing a Tire Pressure Sensor, the TPM system will need to go through a relearn procedure. The preferred method to complete the procedure is with the use of a scan-tool that can interact with the TPMS system. If you do not have access to such a scan-tool, an alternate procedure can be done. Here is the procedure: Ignition ON, initiate the TPM Learn Mode using one of the following procedures: On vehicles equipped with keyless entry, simultaneously press the keyless entry transmitters lock and unlock buttons…

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2013 Hyundai Sonata Tire Pressure

2013 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata On the 2013 Hyundai Sonata, the recommended tire pressure for this vehicle is 33psi. If you find that there is a tire which is under-inflated, fill the tire and then drive the vehicle. The light should reset itself in under 10 minutes. If the light does not go off and you are sure all tires are at correct pressure, then there is a problem in the tire monitoring system somewhere. Very commonly, this is a faulty Tire Pressure Sensor. The pressure sensor is mounted inside the tire as part…

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