1999 GMC Suburban P1345 Distributor

1999 GMC Suburban

GMC Suburban On the 1999 GMC Suburban, the P1345  is actually a very common problem on many GM trucks/SUVs with an 8-cylinder engine. The code is pointing to a fault withe Cam/Crank correlation. Most commonly here- the Distributor. There is a quick easy test for this. With the engine running, does the idle fluctuate? If not, shut the engine off and remove the distributor cap. Gently grab the rotor and try to rotate it left and right. I think you’ll find there is “play” when rotating it (there should be NO movement). This is…

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2008 Chevy Suburban B0083 Impact Sensor

2008 Chevy Suburban

Chevy Suburban On the 2008 Chevy Suburban, the B0083 is pointing to a fault with the Left Front End Sensor (aka “Front Impact Sensor”). The Front Impact sensor is located under the front of the vehicle, driver’s side, below the radiator support. Carefully inspect the electrical connector and as far up the harness as you can (check carefully, due to it’s location this is common!) looking for any loose, broken or damaged wires. If the visual inspection checks ok, replace the Left Front End Sensor. Does your vehicle have a…

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