2005 Toyota Sequoia C1223 and C1251

2005 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia On the 2005 Toyota Sequoia, The C1223 is just a general code that only states there is a problem somewhere in the ABS/VSC System. The C1251 narrows that down a bit more and points to the problem being with the ABS Pump Motor. On this vehicle, the pump motor is internal of the Brake Actuator/Skid Control Unit. Some testing will need to be done on the wiring to the unit making sure there are no opens or shorts. And to other items in the ABS/VSC systems. But, more…

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2004 Toyota Sequoia EVAP P-Codes

2004 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia On the 2004 Toyota Sequoia, the P0441, P0446 and P2418 are recorded by the ECM when there is an evaporative emissions leak or when there is a malfunction in either the Purge Solenoid (VSV for EVAP), the Vent Solenoid (VSV for Vapor Pressure Switching), or in the EVAP Vapor Pressure Sensor itself.Diagnostic trouble code P0455 points to an EVAP System Large Leak Detected.So- begin by triple-checking the Fuel Cap. Check the underside of the fuel cap for any cracks or signs of defects that may keep the cap from sealing…

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