2007 Toyota Sienna P0304 cylinder misfire

2007 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna On the 2007 Toyota Sienna, The P0304 is pointing to a misfire on Cylinder #4. This is the middle cylinder on the side of the engine closest to the front of the vehicle. More commonly, this is due to a faulty Spark Plug, Ignition Coil or Fuel Injector issue. So, best place to start is by inspecting the spark plug. Look for any signs of cracks in the body and/or a worn diode. If there are any doubts, replace all the spark plugs. If the plug checks ok, you can…

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2002 Lexus IS300 C1201 P0302

2002 Lexus IS300

Lexus IS300 On the 2002 Lexus IS300, The C1201 is not a trouble code. A C1201 code is set as an informational code stating that the Trac/VSC system has been temporarily turned off because the Check Engine Light is on. So, fix the reason the Check Engine Light is on, and this code will clear by itself. The P0302 is a Cylinder Misfire on Cylinder #2. There are a few different things that can cause a single-cylinder misfire. A cylinder misfire can be due to a faulty Spark Plug, a faulty Ignition…

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2011 Chevrolet Aveo Cylinder Misfires

2011 Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo On the 2011 Chevrolet Aveo, when the Check Engine Light is “flashing” this means there is a “Random Cylinder Misfire”. This means the on-board computer sees a misfire, but does not know the cause… yet. When the light turns solid, this means the on-board computer has narrowed down that “random” misfire. This will usually result in a specific cylinder as the root off the misfire. There is actually a “known problem” related to this. GM has issued a Technical Service Bulletin that states the main cause for this issue is the Spark…

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