2003 Lexus SC430 P0441 P0442 P0446

2003 Lexus SC430

Lexus SC430/span> On the 2003 Lexus SC430, the P0441 and P0446 are set when there is an evaporative emissions leak from the components or when there is a malfunction in either the VSV for the EVAP, the VSV for the pressure switching valve, or in the vapor pressure sensor itself. P0442 is set when there is an evaporative emissions leak from the components or when the vapor pressure sensor malfunctions. So- best place to start here is having the EVAP system “smoked”. This is where a machine forces smoke through the…

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2002 Lexus IS300 C1201 P0302

2002 Lexus IS300

Lexus IS300 On the 2002 Lexus IS300, The C1201 is not a trouble code. A C1201 code is set as an informational code stating that the Trac/VSC system has been temporarily turned off because the Check Engine Light is on. So, fix the reason the Check Engine Light is on, and this code will clear by itself. The P0302 is a Cylinder Misfire on Cylinder #2. There are a few different things that can cause a single-cylinder misfire. A cylinder misfire can be due to a faulty Spark Plug, a faulty Ignition…

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1995 Lexus SC300 MAF/IAT Sensor

1995 Lexus SC300

Lexus SC300 On the 1995 Lexus SC300, the Code 24 points to a problem with the Intake Air Temp (IAT) Sensor. The Code 31 points to a fault with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor. On this vehicle, the intake Air Temp Sensor is built into and part of the MAF Sensor. So, carefully inspect the electrical connector to the MAF/IAT Sensor for any loose, broken or damaged wires. Inspect the air filter and make sure it is not excessively dirty and restricting air flow. Make sure the air filter housing…

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