Scheduled maintenance

Keeping the recommended scheduled maintenance items serviced can greatly increase the life of your vehicle. Some scheduled maintenance items can also help maintain good fuel economy and engine performance.

On most vehicles these days, the Normal Service Schedule is included in the owner’s manual. The most important maintenance item is having the Oil and Filter replaced on a regular schedule. Many vehicles have an Oil Change Reminder system and will alert you as to when the oil needs to be replaced. If your vehicle does not have this indicator, then for older vehicles, the standard is every 3-months or 3,000 miles. For newer vehicles, the standard has jumped to every 5-months or 5,000 miles. Some vehicles even go to 6/6 or even 10/10! Always consult your owner’s manual or ask a professional for the correct service interval.

Other maintenance items that should be serviced regularly are spark plugsair filter, engine coolant,automatic transmission fluid, tire rotations and on some vehicles, the timing belt. There are also items that will need to be inspected at regular intervals and then replaced as needed. Some of these items include the serpentine belt, front end parts like tie rods and ball joints, brake pads, suspension items like shocks or struts and axle boots and joints. Again, these items should be listed in your owner’s manual or you can ask a professional for schedule advice.



Scheduled Maintenance: Oil changeTutorial Video: How to do an oil change

Keeping your oil changed at the recommended intervals is the #1 best way to extend your engine’s life.

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Scheduled Maintenance: Tire rotationTutorial Video: Tire rotation

Rotating your tires at regular intervals extends the life of the tire and also helps maintain good fuel economy.

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Scheduled Maintenance: Brake pad inspectionTutorial Video: Brake pad inspection

Doing a brake pad inspection and catching low pads before they damage the rotors can save you money.

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Scheduled Maintenance: Spark plugVideo Tutorial: Spark plug replacement

There are many different engine types, with some plugs being more difficult to replace than others. This video shows a basic set-up. Yours may vary.

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