Chip Install: 2010 Ford F-150 5.4L

2010 Ford F150

Ford F-150 On the 2010 Ford F-150 with the 5.4L engine, the intake air temp sensor is built into the Mass Air Flow Sensor. The MAF/IAT Sensor is mounted to the Air Filter Housing outlet tube. At the IAT Sensor, the wire colors are: Violet/Gray = IAT Signal ( + )Black/Yellow = Signal Ground ( – ) Does your vehicle have a similar problem? Get connected to a Live Q&A session with a certified Auto Mechanic and get your answers on this problem now!

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2015 Kia Sorento 2.4L P1326

2015 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento On the 2015 Kia Sorento with the 2.4L engine, the P1326 is pointing to a problem with the Knock Sensor. The knock sensor detects preignition and detonation, potentially damaging forms of abnormal combustion. The knock sensor can detect even the smallest amount of knock or ping in any of the cylinders. When knocking or pinging is detected, the engine’s computer will retard the ignition timing to try and correct it. This is actually a “known problem” on these vehicles. Kia has issued a Service Bulletin that states the knock…

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