2003 Honda Civic Transmission Service

2003 Honda Civic

Honda Civic On the 2003 Honda Civic, according to the Honda Normal Service Schedule, the Transmission fluid should be replaced at intervals of every 120,000 miles. There is no recommended interval at which to “check” the fluid, but common practice is at every Oil Change. As long as there are no leaks, the system should never fall below recommended levels. When replacing the transmission fluid, you must make absolutely sure that the system is refilled with Honda ATF-Z1 fluid. The use of ANY other fluid, or “universal” fluid WILL cause…

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2001 Honda Accord P1457 EVAP Solenoid

2001 Honda Accord

Honda Accord On the 2001 Honda Accord, the P1457 is actually a “known problem” and Honda has issued a Technical Service Bulletin that states: MIL Comes On With DTC P1457: EVAP Bypass Solenoid Valve Failure SYMPTOM The MIL is on, and DTC P1457 [leak detected in EVAP control system (EVAP control canister system)] is set. PROBABLE CAUSE The EVAP bypass solenoid valve can fail due to corrosion. The solenoid valve may get water inside. If the water contains road salt, the solenoid windings could corrode, causing the valve to fail.…

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2008 Chrysler Aspen Fuel Filter Service

2008 Chrysler Aspen

Chrysler Aspen On the 2008 Chrysler Aspen, there is no external, stand-alone Fuel Filter. The Fuel Filter is built into and part of the Fuel Pump Assembly. There is a filter built into the Pump Assembly Housing and an “inlet” (aka “sock”) filter at the base of the pump assembly. The Fuel Pump Assembly is located inside the fuel tank. Does your vehicle have a similar problem? Get connected to a Live Q&A session with a certified Auto Mechanic and get your answers on this problem now!

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2006 Chevy Silverado Temp Actuator

2006 Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado On the 2006 Chevy Silverado, when the A/C blows cold on one side but not the other, this means the A/C system is working properly, but the air flow is not switching according to the selection on the control panel. Most commonly, this is due to a faulty Air Temp Actuator Motor. This actuator is what “turns the door” inside the HVAC housing to switch between heat and A/C. The actuator is located behind the center dash, towards the driver’s side (just above and to the right of…

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1994 Toyota Camry Dead Battery

1994 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry On the 1994 Toyota Camry, the “rapid clicking” is a common, tell-tale sign of a battery that has less than 12v. The accessories like lights, radio, power windows, etc only require 9v to operate, whereas the Starter needs a full 12v (12.4v optimally) to crank the engine over. If you have access to a voltage meter, take a quick reading across the battery posts, I think you’ll find the voltage is well below 12v. I believe replacing the battery should solve the problem. After replacing the battery, you…

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2002 Ford Windstar P1401 EGR Sensor

2002 Ford Windstar

Ford Windstar On the 2002 Ford Windstar, the P1401 is a fairly straight forward code pointing to a fault with the Differential Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) Sensor. It’s actually a fairly common fail item on these vehicles. Carefully inspect the rubber lines at the bottom of the sensor for any cracks, holes or loose/missing connections. Inspect the pipe the lines connect to for any cracks, holes or signs of leaks. Inspect the electrical connector and as far up the harness as you can, looking for any loose, broken or damaged…

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2013 Camaro SS MAF/IAT Sensor

2013 Camaro SS

Camaro SS On the  2013 Chevy Camaro SS, when installing a performance chip, it’s common practice for them to be installed into the IAT (Intake Air Temp) Sensor. On many vehicles, the IAT is built into the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor. Which is the case on this vehicle. At the MAF/IAT Sensor, the IAT colors are: Light Blue = IAT Signal ( + ) Tan = IAT Signal Return ( – ) Does your vehicle have a similar problem? Get connected to a Live Q&A session with a certified…

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2009 Cadillac SRX Tire Sizes Explained

2009 Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX On the 2009 Cadillac SRX, it’s true that the front tires and the back tires ARE different sizes, UNLESS this is the “Sport” model. If not… The Front calls for: P235/60/R18 and the Rear calls for: P255/55/R18. If this is the base-model with the V6 engine, the Front is: P235/65/R17 and the Rear is: P255/60/R17 If this is the “Sport” model, then ALL the tires are: P255/50/R20 Does your vehicle have a similar problem? Get connected to a Live Q&A session with a certified Auto Mechanic and get…

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2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Actuator

2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee On the 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee, when the A/C is working correctly on one side but not the other, this means the system is working correctly, but the air is not being switched correctly. This is most commonly due to a faulty Blend Door Actuator Motor. This motor is what “turns the door” inside the HVAC housing according to the selection on the control panel. You can find the actuator located behind the glove box, mounted to the HVAC housing. Carefully inspect the electrical connector for any…

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2000 Dodge Durango P1281 Thermostat

2000 Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango On the 2000 Dodge Durango, the P1281 is “Engine is Cold Too Long” – this is most commonly due to a Thermostat that is stuck in the “open” position. First thing to do here is to replace the Thermostat and fill the system to the correct level. Next, the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor should be tested for proper operation and replaced as needed. But, like I say, most commonly- Thermostat is stuck open. Does your vehicle have a similar problem? Get connected to a Live Q&A session with…

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