2008 Jeep Commander Blend Door Actuator

2008 Jeep Commander

Jeep Commander

On the 2008 Jeep Commander, when the air temperature is only correct on one side of the dash, this is most commonly due to a faulty Blend Door Actuator. This is a little motor that turns the door internal of the HVAC housing. It is used to switch between heat and A/C as commanded by the control panel. You can find the passenger’s side actuator is located behind the passenger’s side dash mounted to the side of teh HVAC housing. To gain access, the glove compartment will need to be removed. Inspect the electrical connector and wire harness for any loose, broken or damaged wires. Remove the actuator and turn the door by hand making sure there is no binding. Any problems here, and the HVAC housing will need to be removed, opened and the internal door repaired as needed. If everything checks ok, replace the Blend Door Actuator.

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