2006 Chevy Silverado Temp Actuator

2006 Chevy Silverado

Chevy Silverado

On the 2006 Chevy Silverado, when the A/C blows cold on one side but not the other, this means the A/C system is working properly, but the air flow is not switching according to the selection on the control panel. Most commonly, this is due to a faulty Air Temp Actuator Motor. This actuator is what “turns the door” inside the HVAC housing to switch between heat and A/C. The actuator is located behind the center dash, towards the driver’s side (just above and to the right of the accelerator pedal). To access, remove the driver’s side instrument panel insulator. Inspect the electrical connector for any loose, broken or damaged wires. Remove the actuator and inspect the HVAC housing for and broken or damaged parts. If the visual inspection checks ok, suspect a faulty Air Temp Actuator.

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