2001 Honda Accord P1457 EVAP Solenoid

2001 Honda Accord

Honda Accord

On the 2001 Honda Accord, the P1457 is actually a “known problem” and Honda has issued a Technical Service Bulletin that states:

MIL Comes On With DTC P1457: EVAP Bypass Solenoid Valve Failure


The MIL is on, and DTC P1457 [leak detected in EVAP control system (EVAP control canister system)] is set.


The EVAP bypass solenoid valve can fail due to corrosion. The solenoid valve may get water inside. If the water contains road salt, the solenoid windings could corrode, causing the valve to fail. In a few rare instances, the corrosion could be severe enough to cause an internal short in the solenoid valve, which could damage the ECM/PCM. If this happens, both the bypass solenoid valve and the ECM/PCM would need to be replaced.


Test and, if necessary, replace the EVAP bypass solenoid valve. Replace the ECM/PCM if needed.

At this point- if your vehicle is running correctly with no symptoms, more than likely the PCM is going to be ok, and just the Solenoid will need to be replaced. I’d suggest replacing the Solenoid, clearing the codes and test driving the vehicle. If all is well, after 50-75 miles or so, the Engine Light should remain off, and you should be just fine. You can find the Bypass Solenoid located under the vehicle, towards the rear, mounted near the EVAP Canister.

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